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Research Philosophy

Social contribution through various media technologies and interactions

At the Media Interaction Laboratory (MixLab), we fusion various media technologies to research information technologies that are useful to society and life. Research fields cover diverse fields such as education, medicine, care, and games. Then, we start by observing and understanding the problems that are occurring in actual society and life. MixLab will learn the media technology needed to solve these problems and research to improve our quality of life.

Research Theme and Keywords


  • Cognitive rehabilitation support for computer technologies (evaluation system, training system with virtual realtity, and more)
  • Behavior analysis (understnging human behaviors, understanding the teacher behaviors, the support system for person with visually impaired, and more)
  • Educational application system (evacuation drill system, programming application, and more)
  • Entertainments (illust and vioce, AI and games, and more)


Sensor Processing, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Human-Computer Interaction, Educational Technology, Human-Robot Interaction, Ubiquitous Computing, Entertainment Computing, Virtual Reality, Well-being