About us / 概要

This page is Try@ngulars team description. Try@ngulars is the name of our Japanese team that participates in the competitive world of RoboCup. Our team formed from four University which is Tamagawa University, Ritsumeikan University, Okayama Preperfectual University, and Osaka Institute of Technology; we have entered the World Robot Summit 2018 @home Simulation League in 2018. As a result, we won the 3rd prize and WRS Executive Committee Chairperson’s Award.

Our team formed from three universities, Ritsumeikan University, Okayama Prefectural University, and Osaka Institute of Technology; we started anew as MindGr@spers and won the 2nd prize in 2020.

Our team has started under the name “Try@ngulars”, which is a combination of “try” new challenges and the joint “triangle” of the three teams from 2020; we won the 2nd prize in the competition and Fighting-spirit award in the technical challenge at RoboCup @home Standard Simulation League.

Our team has started the main team at Osaka Institute of Technology since 2021, won 2nd prize in Robocup Asia-Pacificの@home Simulation Open Platform League. And we will challenge ourselves to win the competition.

このページは、Try@ngularsのページです。Try@ngularsは、2018年のWorld Robot Summit2018から結成されたチームです。




2021年からは大阪工業大学がメインとなり大会に向けて進めており、2021年はRobocup Asia-Pacificの@Home Simulation Open Platform Leagueにて準優勝を受賞しました。


2021年度 Try@ngulars, 2nd Prize Award, Robocup Asia-Pacific Aichi2021 Comittee, 2021, Robocup Asia-Pacific @Home Simulation Open Platform League, Aichi

2020年度 Try@ngulars, 2nd Prize Award, Robocup Japan Comittee, 2021, Robocup Asia-Pacific @Home Simulation League, Online

2019年度 Try@ngulars, 2nd Prize Award and Fighting-Spirit Award, Robocup Japan @Home League Comittee, 2019, Robocup Japan @Home Simulation League, Online

2018年度 eR@sers, WRS Executive Committee Chairperson’s Award(WRS実行委員長賞), WRS Executive Committee, 2018 , World Robot Challenge 2018, Service Category, Partner Robot Challenge (Virtual Space), Tokyo